Who We Are

A Space for Women of Color in Cannabis

Supernova Women is a women of color led non-profit organization with a mission to empower people of color to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis industry. We do this through education, advocacy, and network building. Our organization was founded in 2015 by Amber Senter, Nina Parks, and Tsion “Sunshine” Lencho. Andrea Unsworth joined the Supernova Women board of directors in early 2016. Supernova Women is a national organization headquartered in Oakland, California. (add picture of founders)

Supernova Women works to lower barriers of entry in the cannabis industry for Black and Brown communities, those most harmed by the War on Drugs. Our organization worked within the city of Oakland to develop and implement the country’s first cannabis social equity program. We also worked with Senator Steven Bradford’s office to develop and establish SB 1294, the State of California’s social equity grant program that funds local municipalities' social equity programs. Since then our organization has worked on a number of campaigns and initiatives with various advocacy, community,and trade organizations. We worked in partnership with The Hood Incubator, Beyond Equity, and OCEP to lower cannabis business taxes in the city of Oakland for social equity and small businesses. The coalition was also successful in helping create and advocate for the passing of the country’s first social equity cannabis business tax rebate program.

Supernova Women produces programming and content to support Black, brown, and social equity cannabis operators, hosting a number of panel discussions, workshops, and network building events. We are dedicated to empowering our communities to succeed in the evolving cannabis industry as it was built on the backs of Black and Brown people.

The Supernova Women board of directors is composed entirely of women of color and business owners. The majority of our board members are social equity and plant touching business owners

What We Do


Host low to no cost programming to educate communities of color about the cannabis industry as it pertains to our communities, legislation and policy issues, and economic empowerment opportunities.


Advocate at the local, state, and national level to lower barriers of entry for people of color entering, working, and operating in the cannabis space.


Give women of color a network of fellowship to communicate, collaborate, and work together to create a sustainable cannabis industry.

Meet the Team

Herban Mixer (Santa Rosa)